Let’s face it, most of us are in a love/hate relationship with spellcheck and autocorrect software. However, “misteaks” do happen from time to time, plus classrooms and textbooks can be so boring. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to beef up your vocabulary without being put to sleep? Enter: Spell Up, a voice-activated, web-based spelling game that’s kind of like a mashup between Jenga and Jumble that can be played from Chrome on your desktop or mobile devices. The concept is that you spell things out using your voice to build tower of words and if you happen to run into a stumper, it all falls down. I’ve personally tried it with Chrome for Mac and for the most part things worked nicely. Just be warned that this game doesn’t jive too well with background noise. So be sure to find a quiet place to play and remember to enunciate your letters.

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