Earlier this week we reported on the XE7 update rolling out to Google Glass, which included features such as a web browser and improved voice actions, but the update also includes a few more unannounced lab features (via SelfScreens). As first noticed by +Andrew Wiggin on Google+, the XE7 update includes evidence of a music player, video player, Glass app store, a volume screen, and more.

The music player appears to be dedicated to showing what’s “Now Playing,” and given the lack of storage on Glass, it seems like it will be able to interface with an external iPhone or Android device. The update also includes a handful of labs features, which are features not yet meant for primetime and for developers to play with.

First off, there’s a labs feature entitled “VIDEO_PLAYER,” though no one has been able to figure out how it works just yet. It could be that it’s simply a way to playback videos taken with the device, but there’s always the chance of Glass being able to stream video from your phone. There is also a new Volume card that simply allows you to change the volume of your device . expand full story