It’s pretty difficult these days not to have a Google+ account. Sign up for almost any Google service, and you find you’re on Google+ whether you wanted to be or not. But this aggressive approach of pushing accounts on people doesn’t appear to be paying off: a new report by Gigya cited by Marketing Land shows that only two percent of social media sharing takes place on Google+ … 

Gigya is well-placed to know. It offers social logins and plugins to more than 700 leading brands, and its stats cover 1.5B consumers a month. When you choose to Share, Like or +1 a link, the chances are high that Gigya processes that click.

There’s better news for Google when it comes to logins, with 24 percent of logins performed using a Google+ account – but this of course includes Google acquisitions like YouTube. The lesson here for Google appears to be that account sign-ups is a very different metric to active accounts.

Via Techmeme

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One Response to “Despite aggressive pushing of Google+, service only gets two percent of social sharing”

  1. I too feel that Google plus is bit over rated. Though we get to hear from lot of SEO experts that Google+ helps in ranking i never believed that could be a case.