Social media Stories September 10, 2018

Teens now prefer texting to face-to-face communication; a third have been cyber-bullied

We’re seeing growing concern about the impact on teenagers of smartphone usage in general and social media in particular.

A new report makes for disturbing reading in a number of respects, not least that 13-17 year olds now prefer text messaging to face-to-face conversations …

Social media Stories January 24, 2016

glass entperprise edition

The Google Glass social media accounts—including Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and others—have finally been shut down after many months of continued #throughGlass postings and “Happy [insert holiday]!” images. This doesn’t come as much surprise as plans to bring Glass to the consumer market (at least by that name) have long been abandoned, but multiple people familiar with the matter say that Glass: Enterprise Edition is only just now starting to see wider adoption…

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Social media Stories January 11, 2016

PSA: Android Wear now has its own official Twitter account

Turning two in March, Android Wear now has its own Twitter account. Besides software updates, most news about Wear revolves around new watchfaces from fashion brands and designers. Their inaugural tweet alludes to posts about fashion, fitness, and the like…

Social media Stories November 25, 2014

Vine’s new favorites option literally keeps you in the loop

If getting lost in Vine videos is one of your favorite pastimes and you follow a lengthy list of content producers, then you’ll definitely appreciate the platform’s latest update for its mobile apps. Starting today, you’ll be able to favorite a Vine user’s profile simply by tapping a Twitter-esque star.

Social media Stories October 9, 2014


Most likely a nod to Google’s recent investment in Polar, Google+ members can now create interactive polls for their friends and followers on the company’s social network. Polls are limited to five choices and can be decorated with photos to make them unique and appealing. Topics can be just about anything you can dream up, but we’re expecting to see a lot about food, sports, pop culture and of course technology.

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Social media Stories October 1, 2014


Google recently announced a new audience editing tool for Google+ that lets members of its social network set viewing filters based on age and location. Ideal for businesses with questionable content, this feature helps companies using Mountain View’s social network stay in compliance with foreign laws. In addition to helping companies keep their nose clean, this optional account setting helps Google make a case for a kid-friendly internet.

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Social media Stories August 29, 2014

Probably ill-advised timing but why not?

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Social media Stories December 26, 2013


By now it’ll come as absolutely no surprise that Google has gone all in on Google+, it’s clearly a major part of the company’s future roadmap. We know that with the evolution of every new feature on Google+, it’s one more step in the search engine giants plans to allow the don’t-call-it-a-social-service to dominate the social world.

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Social media Stories November 5, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 1.27.04 PM

A new Forrester Research poll conducted with 395 marketing professionals in the US, UK, and Canada is likely giving the team at Google’s Plus service something to smile about. Google’s social media service, which is now integrated into every.single.thing Google does, narrowly edged out Twitter for marketing satisfaction by a single point at 56% of marketers satisfied against 55% with Twitter. Sure, it’s just a single point, but given that so much has been written about Google+ being a wasteland comparative to Twitter, it’s notable that the service edged out one of its biggest rivals.

Of course, if we took a poll with a completely different group of 395 marketing professionals, the results might be wildly different. Still, it’s good to see that Google+ is making waves, and while it may be for entirely different reasons than Twitter or Facebook, I’m sure Google will take every bit of good news that puts emphasis on Google+ over its rivals.

Google+ aside, the real question here is why so many marketers are using these channels incorrectly? Social media provides a unique opportunity to connect with both existing and potential customers and that there is more emphasis on old school tactics like Email and word-of-mouth is concerning.

Where are you most likely to engage with a company? Twitter or Google+?

via Mashable

Social media Stories October 17, 2013


Following a report back in July showing that Google+ gets only 2 percent of social sharing, new figures from Shareaholic (via Marketing Land) reveal that the service drives an average of 0.06 percent of all referral traffic. This contrasts with Facebook at 8.11 percent, Pinterest at 3.24 and Twitter at a surprisingly low 1.17.

Google+ traffic is also growing at a far slower rate than other social media.

Shareaholic also says that Google+ is growing the slowest as a referral source at just 6.97 percent over the past year. Referrals from Facebook (58.81 percent), Pinterest (66.52 percent), Twitter (54.12 percent) and YouTube (52.86 percent) all grew more than 50 percent since September 2012.

Viewed against a backdrop of Google’s aggressive promotion of the service, making it virtually impossible not to have a G+ account by linking it to every product the company has, it does make me question whether Google+ has a long-term future …  expand full story

Social media Stories July 19, 2013


It’s pretty difficult these days not to have a Google+ account. Sign up for almost any Google service, and you find you’re on Google+ whether you wanted to be or not. But this aggressive approach of pushing accounts on people doesn’t appear to be paying off: a new report by Gigya cited by Marketing Land shows that only two percent of social media sharing takes place on Google+ …  expand full story

Social media Stories October 11, 2012

Google announced a few updates for YouTube Analytics today on the YouTube Creators blog. The new tools for content creators include enhanced “time watched” data, a beta version of “Annotations report,” and a few UI improvements.

For time-watched data, which Google originally rolled out earlier this year, channel owners can now see an enhanced Views report that includes “estimated minutes watched”. It also features other metrics from a “Compare metric” drop down menu, such as: “Monetizable views”, “Unique viewers”, “Estimated minutes watched”, and “Total estimated earnings”. You will also now find “Annotations (Beta)” in the YouTube Analytics sidebar, allowing you to “view data on the performance of your video annotations, with insights on viewer click and close rates.

As for design changes, there is now a Date Slider to easily adjust the time period you are viewing data for, a metadata section with data for video duration and lifetime views, and video hover cards to quickly view a thumbnail and info for your videos.

Social media Stories July 17, 2012

Google+ beats out Facebook in annual ACSI Consumer satisfaction score

As first noted by Marketing Land’s Danny Sullivan, Google+ came out on top among the highest scores for social media sites in the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index for its debut year. The downfall for Facebook, according to the report, is largely due to the introduction of Timeline, advertisements, and privacy concerns. On the other hand, better privacy controls, no ads, and great mobile support allowed Google+ to take the top spot:

Social media Stories April 9, 2012

Leaked slides from a confidential deck show Google+ may soon feature Google Analytics integration.

Dutch website Dutchcowboys found the entire deck with screens showcasing the combined services. According to the slides, users will soon have access to total number of visits with percentage of new visits, page views, average time spent on the site, and the bounce rate for their Google+ pages.

Google+ is a social network operated by Google Inc., and Google Analytics is a free service that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. There is currently no way to measure or view Google+ activity other than self-analyzing +1 social engagement.

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Social media Stories March 20, 2012

Google unveiled a new set of Social reports today within Google Analytics.

The Social reports will connect social media and business metrics for precise measurement of a social channel ‘s value. It is notoriously hard for marketers to measure social media’s value, because activity occurs both on and off a website. For example: Social media is growing in popularity and in brand websites, so it has become an epicenter for people to purchase or convert.

“Since social media is often an upper funnel player in a shopper’s journey, it’s not always easy to determine which social channels actually drive value for your business and which tactics are most effective,” explained Group Product Manager Phil Mui on the Google Analytics Blog. “But as the social industry matures, marketers and web analysts need true outcome-oriented reports.”

More information is available below.

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Social media Stories September 29, 2011

Google has announced on their blog this afternoon that Google Analytics now features real-time data. In the past, Analytics was a great tool for viewing site stats from the past 24 hours, days, weeks, months, etc., but now the ability to see who’s on your site at any given time is an awesome feature.

The stats are pretty detailed showing the top referrals, active pages, and how many people are on your site at any given moment. There is even a graph that lets you know when your site peeked in terms of visitors.

Many other analytic services have had this feature, so it’s nice to see Google finally catch up. The ability to see real-time stats lets you know what content is doing well. Real-time will be rolling out to everyone in the coming weeks.

Social media Stories August 12, 2011

Jack Halprin, currently lists his employer as Autonomy where he was the Vice President, eDiscovery and Compliance.

But we’ve heard from a source in the know that he’s made a move to Google and will be in charge of Google’s management of electronically stored information (ESI) for both legal and information governance purposes in their Apps/Postini wing.  His background includes “managing social media for legal and governance purposes, defensible processes for managing discovery, proportionality, and the reduction of eDiscovery costs” –which will certainly help Google prepare companies who are moving infrastructure into Google’s Cloud offerings.

This follows Google’s Enterprise’s pickup of Matthew Eichner, who now manages Global Enterprise Search, earlier this year.

Halprin provides the following background in his Linked in Profile: expand full story

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