Social media Stories September 10, 2018

Teens now prefer texting to face-to-face communication; a third have been cyber-bullied

We’re seeing growing concern about the impact on teenagers of smartphone usage in general and social media in particular.

A new report makes for disturbing reading in a number of respects, not least that 13-17 year olds now prefer text messaging to face-to-face conversations …

Social media Stories January 24, 2016

glass entperprise edition

The Google Glass social media accounts—including Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and others—have finally been shut down after many months of continued #throughGlass postings and “Happy [insert holiday]!” images. This doesn’t come as much surprise as plans to bring Glass to the consumer market (at least by that name) have long been abandoned, but multiple people familiar with the matter say that Glass: Enterprise Edition is only just now starting to see wider adoption…

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Social media Stories January 11, 2016

PSA: Android Wear now has its own official Twitter account

Turning two in March, Android Wear now has its own Twitter account. Besides software updates, most news about Wear revolves around new watchfaces from fashion brands and designers. Their inaugural tweet alludes to posts about fashion, fitness, and the like…

Social media Stories November 25, 2014

Vine’s new favorites option literally keeps you in the loop

If getting lost in Vine videos is one of your favorite pastimes and you follow a lengthy list of content producers, then you’ll definitely appreciate the platform’s latest update for its mobile apps. Starting today, you’ll be able to favorite a Vine user’s profile simply by tapping a Twitter-esque star.

Social media Stories October 9, 2014


Most likely a nod to Google’s recent investment in Polar, Google+ members can now create interactive polls for their friends and followers on the company’s social network. Polls are limited to five choices and can be decorated with photos to make them unique and appealing. Topics can be just about anything you can dream up, but we’re expecting to see a lot about food, sports, pop culture and of course technology.

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Social media Stories October 1, 2014


Google recently announced a new audience editing tool for Google+ that lets members of its social network set viewing filters based on age and location. Ideal for businesses with questionable content, this feature helps companies using Mountain View’s social network stay in compliance with foreign laws. In addition to helping companies keep their nose clean, this optional account setting helps Google make a case for a kid-friendly internet.

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