Reuters reports that Motorola is currently shipping 100,000 Moto X handsets a week – though not necessarily selling this number.

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside said “When you set up to ramp a factory you need a plan, and we have shipment targets we need to make with our carrier partners, and where we need to be right now is 100,000 units and that’s where we are.”

Woodside would say only that direct sales to customers were “substantial”. Either way, we suspect the company must be secretly disappointed in the numbers … 

To put them into perspective, Motorola’s 400k sales a month compares to 10M for the Samsung S4 and 7M in the first nine days for Apple’s iPhone 5 (which is being predicted to be in the 10-13M range this time around).

Motorola hoped that its customization options, patriotic boast of being assembled in America and reputed $500M spend on marketing would achieve a place in the big boys’ league, but so far at least the plant capacity of  “tens of millions” of phones a year is looking just a little excessive.

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9 Responses to “Motorola shipping (and not necessarily selling) a disappointing 100,000 Moto X phones a week”

  1. sn (@sn_) says:

    The phone is just not very appealing from a technical standpoint and it’s not priced aggressively.

    Colors aren’t enough to sell phones, a lesson that Apple is learning too with the 5C.

  2. The rest of the world quite likes the look of this phone so why not sell it to us!

  3. Lance Miller says:

    They do need to cut loose with some of the $500 million & get to flooding the market with ads. I’ve seen a few print ads but that’s it. Nothing near what I’d expect if they hope to sell 5 to 7 million phones this year.

  4. This is what happens when you make deals with the devil. (AT&T)

  5. Adam Scircle says:

    The facility in Texas is shipping 100,000 units a week. The Texas facility only makes custom Moto X’s, so that means they are selling them, not just shipping them.

    While that figure isn’t Samsung or Apple numbers, it’s only the custom phones going to AT&T right now. Once other carriers get access to the MotoMaker program, I suspect that number will jump exponentially.

    • According to the verge reports in the factory they make the black ad white phones shipped to all carriers there. I think the lackluster sales can be attributed to one thing, lackluster marketing.

  6. Alex Murphy says:

    Seems pretty reasonable to me. This is a phone that nobody has heard about and hasn’t even been marketed yet. Their “branding” hasn’t even really started. I’m not sure why anyone would expect otherwise. If they doesn’t ramp up to 250-300K in the next 6-8 weeks I’d be shocked.

  7. Um…according to The Verge, the factory can only manufacture 100,000 devices per week right now, which would mean they are at capacity…

    • Ben Lovejoy says:

      That’s not the capacity of the factory, that’s simply the capacity they have geared and staffed for right now – if they could sell 200k a week, they’d gear and staff for that