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We all know that Google is BIG, BIG, BIG, but just how big is Google these days? During a keynote at Ignition 2013, Business Insider CEO Henry Bloodroot presented a slide that shows Google on course to exceed the revenues of both magazines and newspapers this year. In fact, almost all of Google’s expected $60 billion in revenue will come from advertising this year.

It’s incredible how these numbers show Google is larger than both newspapers and magazines. Even as traditional print media suffered a decline in advertising revenue in recent years, it’s now clear just how large Google’s advertising revenue is. It appears that the search engine giant is on pace to become bigger than magazines ever were, even before the advent of the internet.

Think about that for a minute.

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One Response to “Google’s US ad revenues now bigger than magazines or newspapers”

  1. Why not say billions on the vertical axis of the figure rather than millions with tick labels in the thousands?