The image above is a courtesy of Google+ user Joe Lancaster. He took the freeze frame from Samsung’s Nexus Prime teaser video released this morning and created this graphic indicating what he think’s is a hint at the device docking into a tablet of sorts.

It’s of course possible he is reading into the “something big is coming” and “perfect combination” slogans in the video a little too much. The “perfect combination” could easily be referring to Samsung and Google’s partnership.

Perhaps the most evidence comes from the three gold pin connectors visible in the video and image that many have speculated could be connected to a new landscape docking system. Essentially, the theory is the Nexus Prime would dock into and power tablet or laptop-like accessories, something like the Asus Padfone.

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We’ll have to wait until Samsung’s Mobile Unpacked event on October 11th to find out for sure.

(via Phandroid)

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