According to a report by Uncrunched this evening, Nuance has acquired Swype for more than $100 million. For those of you unfamiliar, Swype is a popular Android plugin that allows you to input text by simply swiping across the screen, and currently comes preloaded by many OEMs. Interestingly, Nuance has a similar product called T9 which predicts words as you type them.

Nuance already has T9, a predictive text application first developed in the 90s, and T9 competes directly with Swype. Oddly enough, the cofounder of Swype, Cliff Kushler, also founded T9. Check out this CNN article earlier this year on Kushler.

I have no idea how this acquisition affects the existing Nuance T9 product. I assume we’ll hear more about that in the future from Nuance.

So who will be getting incorporated into who?

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