After just announcing their third quarter 2011 financial results, Google execs are now breaking down the stats in a live conference call. Starting off with some statistics on their most important new products, Google gives us some interesting numbers on the growth of Google+ and Android during Q3.

Describing the growth in Q3 in one word, “gangbusters”, Larry Page noted the service had grown to 40 million users, with 3.4 billion photos uploaded by users, and over a 100 features introduced in just 90 days. He also talked about plans for Google+ to “transform” the Google experience by baking sharing and identity into all their products saying, “last quarter we shipped the +, now were going to ship the Google part”. He continued:

“The new visual redesign–beautiful, consistent UIs for search, news, maps, translate and lots of other features. It’s only the beginning of that process!”

We also learned some numbers on Android with 190 million device activations, 2.5x user growth in the past 12 months, and $2.5 billion in mobile ad revenue . They also touched on the “Soon to be released” Ice Cream Sandwich release saying, “You wont believe what we’ve managed to get done”.

The company also announced their Google Offers service is now rolled out to eleven cities.

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We’ll be bringing you more updates as the conference call continues.

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