According to a report from Google Operating System, a video from Google’s YouTube channel (which has recently been made private) leaked a new Gmail interface that will more than likely be introduced publicly in the near future.

As you can see from the video above, they’ve redesigned the overall look of the UI (based on the new Preview theme) by using large icons opposed to text labels, a brand new conversation view with profile pictures, and a new flexible layout that maintains maximum usability when resizing browser windows.

A new customizable search bar adds the ability to easily select filters and advanced options for searching and even create new filters right from within the new search dialog.┬áDisplay density settings including “Comfortable”, “Compact”, and “Cozy” will allow you to adjust the amount of content displayed in your inbox, and Label and Chat areas can now be resized. Many of the themes have been updated with new HD imagery as well.

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Google Operating System also notes that the “Contacts” and “Tasks” links currently under “Mail” in the top left corner of Gmail appear to have been removed from the new UI, possibly tucking them in a drop down menu using a new arrow spotted beside “Mail”.

There’s no word on when Google might begin to roll out the new interface, but we expect to see it sooner than later since they already shot the above video.

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