Left to right: YouTube slider (closed), slider (open), pop-up playlist, slider (while playing)

As part of several Google executives’ promise to “ship the Google part” of Google+, the company is rolling out two new features that integrate two of Google’s core products into Google+, starting with YouTube and Chrome.

The YouTube “slider” will be accessible via a new icon in the upper right of Google+. Hover over the icon and a search bar will slide out allowing you to enter a search query. A playlist of related videos will automatically begin playing in a pop-up window, while the slider will remain so you can continue searching. Also, when sharing YouTube videos within your circles, users can open a related playlist right from within the post (image below). YouTube playlists will also now be displayed in Google+ search results.

Chrome integration comes way of two new extensions (image below). The first, a +1 button allowing you to share the current webpage with any of your circles. The second is a notifications extension that allows you to check your Google+ notifications from a familiar red icon that looks almost identical to the notifications tray on the Google+ UI. Non-Chrome users can get these features on the latest version of the Google Toolbar. You can grab the new Chrome extensions here.

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