We’ve heard any number of dates now for a “solid” Galaxy Nexus launch stateside, some of which have come and gone and others are quickly approaching. If you had any doubt that you’d get your hands on the device this week (same as Canada), RootzWiki has published what it claims is proof of a December 9 launch, which is this Friday.

The email and accompanying PDF you see above were reportedly leaked by an authorized Verizon retailer, and as you can see, lists December 9 as the earliest date to display and sell the CDMA Galaxy Nexus. We already know the device has started popping up in some retail locations, but the documents also confirm those who haven’t will receive their shipments today, December 6. Yesterday we discovered that Google Wallet functionality would not be included in the device, while the WSJ claims it will debut for $299.99 a two-year agreement.

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