The European Commission set a Feb. 13 deadline to restart its antitrust review and decide whether to approve Google Inc.’s proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc.

According to Reuters, the Mountain View, Calif.-based Company came forward with new documents to support its case, so the EU lifted the temporary suspension in order to make a decision next month.

The commission took a “routine” step and hit the pause button on its Jan. 10 deadline last month to gather more information and documents from Google, but the EU still anticipated the deal to close in 2012. It seems as though the commission’s forecast may be correct, as Motorola shareholders already announced their unanimous approval last November…

The globally popular Internet search engine seeks to buy Motorola Mobility to boost its portfolio with over 17,000 new patents and to gain a more stacked toolbox to protect itself —and compete— against Apple Inc., and other rivals in the technology industry.

The U.S. Department of Justice also sent a request in September to Google and Motorola Mobility seeking additional information for the antitrust division to evaluate. Moreover, China’s Head of Ministry of Commerce Shang Ming said last month that the antimonopoly bureau is probing the deal.

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