Readability is a service akin to Marco Arment’s Instapaper that turns cluttered web pages into a clean and comfortable reading view is now coming to Android devices “very soon,” developers confirmed on Twitter. Although Readability announced the Phone and iPad client three months ago, it has yet to appear on the App Store. In the meantime, the company has been busy developing an Android client as it works with Apple’s censors to finally approve the submissions. According to another tweet, it actually completed the Android version during the iOS review time. Readability may have been the first app to focus on clean reading experience, but it certainly is not your only choice. A number of popular programs now offer similar built-in capabilities, including the recently updated Tweetbot. In addition, a number of third-party apps, such as Reeder and Twitterific, integrate with Readability through the official API.

A browser bookmarklet is also available that strips away heavy graphics, adverts and other layout elements on web pages, and leaves only hyperlinked text. It also lets you save optimized articles for later with automatic syncing across devices, as well as the option to send an article to a Kindle. A paid subscription is still available to those who want access beyond the most recent articles in a Reading List, including the ability to get access to daily digest of the Reading List on the Amazon Kindle.

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