Are you feeling chatty with friends while using your Android device? Yeah, we have been there too. Luckily, IM+ is available on the Google Play Store. If you are like us, it is your go-to instant messaging client. The folks over at Shape Services, who the makers of IM+, released a new public beta of the app, version 6.1.8. The beta brings all sorts of goodies like a newly redesigned user-interface, new notifications, and a favorites section for contacts. If you are a user of AIM, Skype, Yahoo, Google Talk, or more, you might want to try this app. Check out the full change log, and how to install the beta, after the jump.

You can download the 6.1.8 beta on Shape’s downloads page in the .apk format.

  • New black theme saves battery on devices with AMOLED screens
  • “Favorites” section for contacts: displays selected contacts on top of contact list
  • Notification when selected contact goes online
  • Option to expand/collapse groups in contact list
  • Option to deliver only the first message from a conversation with Push notification
  • IM+ is now able to automatically import and configure accounts which are already configured in Android OS settings
  • Save your chat history in a file on your SD card
  • Retrieving of Skype message history is now optional
  • Notifications about new emails
  • Typing notifications can be disabled to save data traffic and battery life
  • Configurable WiFi sleep policy
  • Option to call Skype contact directly from chat menu
  • Option to hide ICQ contacts with “On Mobile” status
  • Thai, Czech, and Polish localizations
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