Google has been issued the first license to test an autonomous vehicle, which makes it the first license of such kind to be issued in the United States. The Las Vegas Sun reported that the license was issued earlier today after such legislation passed in 2011 to allow testing of the self-driving car. However, under Nevada law, someone must be present behind the wheel. Google’s self-driving cars will feature a red license plate and an infinity symbol on the left side. The Mountain View, Calif.-based Company is currently testing eight of these vehicles—six of which are Toyota Priuses (seen above), an Audi TT, and a Lexus RX450h.

Google received a ton of attention for its project, especially after one of its self-driving cars got in a fender-bender last year. But luckily, that was due to human error. It is going to be interesting to see what Google can make of these. Check out this inspirational video:

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