NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim shared with CNET this evening that Google and Samsung are working on a co-branded 10-inch tablet to be a part of Google’s Nexus program. The tablet is said to have a better screen than the iPad’s Retina display, featuring a 2,560-by-1,600 display with a PPI (pixels per inch) of 299. Past the screen specifications, the analyst’s report is scant on details. However, he added that Google is working on a $99 tablet that will go into production in December.

A 10-inch tablet would certainly be an interesting move by Google. This summer, Google just began offering a 7-inch tablet in its Nexus program. It partnered with ASUS for the Nexus 7 tablet— available for $199 from the Play Store. It seems to be a hit amongst users who want a pure Jelly Bean experience. So, a 10-incher that would rival the iPad may turn some heads.

As for the $99 tablet that Shim speaks of, I am not so sure what to think. Could the specs really be up-to-par for only $99?

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