HTC Event LiveBlog


That’s it we’re done. Archive below…

– Trade ins available for $100 credit towards HTC One

– 32GB or 64GB

– Rogers, Bell, Telus, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile

– Shipping late March

10:40 HTC Zoe is the name of their photo system.

10:36 The era of Megapixel is over. Ultrapixel.

10:35 Camera: Last year HTC broke new ground. This year no focus on Megapixels

10:33:Sense TV with IR blaster. Controls living room. Shows channels

10:28: HTC Design director Jonah Becker talks about design. Cloud music player. Also streams lyrics. Better sound recording as wel.

10:26: Content partner ESPN on Blink feed. Ed Erhardt from ESPN marketing discusses new product. Espn will stream content to HTC’s blink feed as news happens.

10:24 Sense with “Blink Feed” – borrows a lot from Windows Phone.

10:22 HTC One…video you’ve probably already seen.

10:20 Jason Mackenzie on stage. Talking about last years’.

10:15 It looks like everyone is here (a very packed house) and there go the lights.


We’re here in NYC on the scene. People are still piling in at 10:05 so stay tuned. If you are impatient, look through the archives and browse all of the spyshots.

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