Facebook’s invitation to its Android-related media event next week is much less cryptic than it would seem. The invitation reads “Come See Our New Home on Android.” While, based on these words, Facebook seems to be teasing at a new Android-related Facebook experience, our sources say that the tagline reveals the actual product name: “Facebook Home…”

As we reported last week, Facebook has been working on a new Android-based OS/experience that will first run on HTC devices. The tweaked version of Google’s Android operating system will put a Facebook user’s content right at the forefront of the operating system, integrating Facebook apps like Messenger, photos, and contacts into an easily accessible form. Our sources say that this Facebook-built Android feature is actually called “Facebook Home.”

The hardware that HTC is developing to first launch “Facebook Home” looks like a slightly larger iPhone, we reported last week. The two firms are in discussions with carriers about the device and the Facebook Home software. The social network and hardware maker are also currently developing a major ad campaign in Southern California, sources have said.

Though we were not initially certain that Facebook Home and the HTC partnership would be announced at the Android-related event on April 4th, the word “home” in the invitiation seems to confirm those announcements will be the ones that take place.

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