It’s always a dangerous claim to make, especially around tech journalists who like nothing better than to put such claims to the test. Sonim probably still regrets the time they invited BBC journalist Dan Simmons to try breaking their ‘unbreakable phone’: he did, and he did.

But LG is indeed claiming that its latest 5-inch OLED phone display – which looks similar to that in the Optimus G Pro – is not only flexible, but also unbreakable …


Google, while stopping short of using the word ‘unbreakable’, has also hinted at much tougher displays on the way from its acquisition Motorola, with CEO Larry Page saying “When you drop your phone, it shouldn’t go splat.”

Manufacturer focus on the robustness of phone screens has undoubtedly been increased by the popularity of drop-tests, where consumers can see for themselves how well a phone is likely to fare when it slips from the hand or falls from a pocket.

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