Opera has released what it describes as a ‘sneak preview’ of its latest browser, Opera 15, available for both Windows and Mac. As we reported last month, it is powered by Chromium rather than the Presto engine Opera had used for earlier versions.

While Opera is still a significant player in the mobile market, it has fallen out of favour in the desktop market, with a market share of just a few percent, well behind Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari. Version 15 introduces a couple of new features that Opera hopes may change that …


Stash appears to be a good solution to bookmark or tab overload. A lot of the time when we’re researching things, comparing products or prices, we either end up with a confusing mess of open tabs, or we add a bunch of bookmarks that will be irrelevant once we’re done. Stash provides a neat way to temporarily pin pages without having to keep them open or bookmark them.


Smartbox is a search auto-complete function that attempts to work out the most appropriate search provider for your search, without having to manually select it.


Opera is also promoting Speed dial (visual bookmarks) and Discover (personalised curated content), but as both are pretty common they are unlikely to provide sufficient incentive for a switch.

Opera can be downloaded for Windows or Mac here.

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