According to a new report from TechCrunch, Google is in the midst of testing a new e-commerece service that would allow users to buy and sell services via video. The service is reportedly dubbed “Helpouts” and has been in testing within the company since June, with a public release not happening for at least another month.

The service would obviously be based heavily on Google’s Hangout video chats. The services could be started instantaneously or planned as classes. As an example, TechCrunch suggests that a Spanish tutor from Argentina could offer to train other users in the language for a fee, or that a Yoga instructor could provide classes to stay-at-home moms. Users would be able to create a Helpout profile and build a reputation over time.

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For testing, Google has allegedly partnered with companies including One Medical Group, Sears, Weight Watchers and Alliance Frances.

While the report suggests that we’re still at least a month away from a consumer release, Helpouts was supposedly the subject of a company-wide meeting recently, which shows that it’s not a minor service for Google.

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