We thought $35 was pretty cheap for Chromecast, but if you don’t even want to lay out that much (or, more likely, can’t get your hands on one at the moment), there’s an app for that.

XDAdevelopers (via Phandroid) pointed us to CheapCast, a free app in the Play Store that enables any Android device to emulate a Chromecast stick. Install it in two devices, one of which could be an Android TV or OUYA, and you can broadcast from one to the other. Don’t, however, expect full functionality at this stage … 


The app is described as an ‘early beta’. It works with a limited number of applications, doesn’t work on all devices and doesn’t yet support broadcasting from a Chrome tab. But hey, free is a good price. Keep an eye on the XDA forum here if you want to see what results people are reporting with it.

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