An abandoned dog spotted outside an abandoned building in LA on Google Street View has been rescued after a local rescue centre was alerted, reports UK newspaper Metro.

Jennifer Velasquez contacted the Los Angeles-based group Hope For Paws and told them where she had seen the dog. Luckily the lost-looking canine had not moved from outside the abandoned building – where Hope For Paws’ employee Eldad Hagar found her … 


Hope For Paws filmed the rescue and you can watch the whole thing in the video. Sonya the rescued dog has now been given medical treatment and is foster care.

We’ve previously pointed to a whole bunch of fun Street View tours – the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Eiffel Tower, a Bond villain’s lair, a trek up to the top of Mount Fuji , animal park tours and even a look around the inside of Dr Who’s TARDIS – but I think has them all beat for making you go ‘aawww.’

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