Last time we checked in with Kamcord, the free SDK that allows developers to easily implement in-game recording functionality in their iOS games, it had just hit 1B videos recorded, announced a brand new user community, and picked up an additional $1M in funding. At the time the company told us it was planning Android support, and today Kamcord becomes the first major platform to make in-game recording available free to Android developers.

Kamcord is today starting to accept signups for its new Android beta through, and in the coming weeks will make the SDK available to download for anyone.


Kamcord’s in-game UI for sharing recorded gameplay on iPad

We spoke with CEO Matt Zitzmann this week who told us all about the company’s plans to break into the Android world after having success on iOS. With next generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles bringing new in-game recording features to the mainstream, Kamcord has the opportunity to be the go-to solution for similar functionality in mobile games, and Android is a big piece of that puzzle. Zitzmann tells us that the company hopes the new Android SDK will help “to more easily drive adoption within Asia” where Android is thriving.

Kamcord’s biggest rival, Everyplay, is yet to introduce Android support for its similar platform, and today’s release of the Kamcord beta for Android could give the company a big jump on its competitor.

CEO of Djinnworks Robert Szeleney, a publisher with over 140 million app downloads across iOS and Android, is excited to bring the Kamcord platform to its Android titles:

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“Our users love recording and sharing their most spectacular stunts and crashes with Kamcord on iOS. We’re thrilled that now our Android users can do the same.  Having this ability across platforms will be greatly beneficial for us and we plan to use Kamcord in all our future releases.”

Kamcord not only allows developers to implement basic recording features in their games, it also offers a voice overlay feature, a custom UI/white-label solution (one of many reasons devs are switching from rival platforms), and just recently introduced a new user community where users can browse, share, and watch recorded gameplay videos online. The community will also become cross-platform with the launch of today’s Android beta. Zitzmann notes that “now iOS users can discover games on Facebook/Twitter by watching videos shared from an Android device.

The service might be announcing 1 million videos shared today, but the number of videos recorded (but not shared) through the over 120 games using the Kamcord SDK is actually well over 1 billion.  That’s quite an impressive number and the service is growing quickly– in June it had just 500 million videos recorded.

The company hasn’t announced how it plans to make money, but Zitzmann hinted that there are lots of opportunities with mobile advertising and driving app installs.

You can sign-up for the free Android SDK on Kamcord’s website here.

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