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Google has finally broken its silence and openly acknowledged its mystery barge project. The barges, which are now anchored in Portland, Maine, and San Francisco, have been a big mystery and have even spawned their very own parody Twitter account. A Google spokesperson provided TechCrunch with a brief quote advising the site that the barges will be used as an “interactive space to teach people about its technology.”

Google Barge … A floating data center? A wild party boat? A barge housing the last remaining dinosaur? Sadly, none of the above. Although it’s still early days and things may change, we’re exploring using the barge as an interactive space where people can learn about new technology.

All totaled, there are four barges which are currently comprised of shipping containers with large window cut-outs. The project itself is said to be the brainchild of Google X labs headed by founder Sergey Brin.

Honestly, it’s just nice to see Google acknowledging the space, because at this point rumors were starting to get carried away. Numerous reports across the internet focused on the wrong lease documents, and speculation and imagination were almost to the point of running rampant. Frankly at this point, we could just as easily speculated that Google was building four floating dry-cleaners. I’m just saying, it’s something I COULD have said.

Image: Portland Press Herald

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