Following rumors over the past year that Google was planning a physical card for its Google Wallet payment service, the company has just quietly made the project official. While reports earlier this year indicated that Google was scrapping the plans, Google just announced that Wallet users in the U.S. can now order the prepaid debit card. 

The card will be good for Wallet users to access their cash from ATMs and banks and also make payments online and in stores wherever MasterCard Debit cards are accepted. Google ran through some of the benefits of the free Google Wallet card, including no monthly or annual fees:

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  • Spend anywhere. Use your Wallet Balance to shop and pay in stores at millions of MasterCard® locations.
  • Get cash at ATMs. Withdraw money from your Wallet Balance at ATMs. Some ATM providers may charge you a fee for cash withdrawals.
  • Receive instant notifications when you spend money. Get instant notifications right on your phone to help you  keep tabs on all of your transactions.
  • Be free of annual or monthly fees. You can order the Google Wallet Card for free, and there are no annual or monthly service fees to use the card.

Google is reaching out to Google Wallet users with invites to order their Google Wallet Card, which is expected to arrive for users within 10-12 days. Google is also allowing Wallet users in the US to order a card here and directly through an updated Google Wallet app for Android.  and has details of how the card works on its website:

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