With it’s latest Moto G and Moto X devices, Motorola has made its camera app available on Google Play. This means that the company can rollout an update specifically to it without having to release a full, OTA update and deal with carrier approval. This afternoon, the company did just that and updated its camera app on Google Play. Most notably, the update adds the ability to manually control focus and exposure. To try this, simply bring up the settings menu from within the app, and tap the finger pointing into a square button.
-Manual control of focus and exposure
-Locked exposure during Panorama capture
-Enabled additional language support
-Bug fixes
Moto X users on Android 4.4 have had some of these enhancements for awhile, but Moto G owners have not. If you own either of those devices, however, the update is available on the Play Store now.  

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