T-Mobile’s John Legere somehow managed to sneak into a party thrown by arch-rival AT&T for its developers at CES tonight. Though he told Re/code that he was only there to see a performance by Macklemore (riiight), the “un-carrier” CEO—clad in his trademark magenta “T”-shirt (sorry)—was soon escorted from the facility by un-amused security.

Legere has made himself out as AT&T’s biggest fear in recent weeks, mocking his nemesis on Twitter without reservation. AT&T certainly isn’t helping their own case with new attempts to lure away T-Mobile subscribers by offering up to $450 in credit. Legere seems to have another trick up his sleeve, though, and has teased that the fourth phase of his “un-carrier” initiative will be revealed at CES this week.

[tweet https://twitter.com/RogerWCheng/status/420415051573362688 align=’center’]

It doesn’t seem likely that “phase 4” will include a plan to sell out to Sprint, though Legere has reportedly been exploring such a deal as a potential future for the company. The “un-carrier” campaign focuses on changing how the fourth-largest major U.S. carrier (out of four) handles the basic functions of a cellular carrier to set itself apart from the competition. In the past, this has included steps such as allowing customers to upgrade their phone at any time regardless of how far into their two-year agreement they are.

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