CES Stories December 23, 2021

Following many other tech companies in recent days, Waymo and Google announced today that it’s no longer having an in-person presence at CES 2022 due to the “quickly evolving COVID infection rates.”

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CES Stories March 29, 2016


We told you earlier this year about the new “Jewel” and “Elegant” variants of the Huawei Watch made for women, but Android Police has now spotted a few unannounced variants of the watch on the company’s Chinese website…

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CES Stories January 7, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 8.48.44 PM

YouTube’s chief business officer Robert Kyncl took the stage today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to discuss the future of the video platform, its growth over recent years, and much more. Kyncl has been with YouTube since 2010, previously having a seven-year stint at Netflix. The executive oversees all business functions for YouTube, including sales, marketing, content, and general operations.

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CES Stories January 5, 2016

Ford’s CES presentation with an expected important Google announcement about self-driving cars [Updated]

A recent report suggests that Google and Ford are planning to announce a joint venture to build self-driving cars. The announcement is expected to be made at Ford’s CES presentation, which is set to start at 7:30AM PST.

You can watch a livestream below.

CES Stories December 16, 2015


The Huawei Watch is without a doubt one of the hottest wearables of 2015. The watch made waves this year as one of Huawei’s big breakout product launches in the United States, paired with the Nexus 6P — which is also a hit, widely regarded as the best Nexus phone ever. Now, people familiar with the matter have told 9to5Google that the Chinese company is planning to launch a made-for-women version(s) of the watch at CES 2016, and has already begun development of a second generation watch scheduled for the second half of next year…

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CES Stories January 9, 2015


Google might not have an official presence as an exhibitor at CES, but it does have its people on the ground checking out the new products from both its partners and competitors. That includes top Googler Sergey Brin who was spotted in the photo above via +Tim Moore on Google+.

Moore works with Rochester Optical, the company behind the lenses used in the Epson Moverio smart glasses Brin is trying in the photo. Rochester Optical also previously announced plans to build accessories for Google Glass as well, Google’s own smart glasses and competitor to the Epson Moverio BT-200 that launched last year for $699. expand full story

CES Stories January 6, 2015

Pioneer Android Auto

Android Auto, Google’s solution to integrating content from your smartphone to your car’s built-in display, is on full display at CES 2015 this week as Pioneer announced three new aftermarket in-dash receivers with Android Auto support. Starting at $700, Pioneer will beginning shipping the second generation of its NEX receivers starting in March bringing Android Auto to the car you already own. expand full story

Kenwood Android Auto

Kenwood announced today at CES 2015 its first entry into the aftermarket Android Auto space with its new DDX9902S multimedia receiver. In addition to supporting Android Auto, Kenwood says its DDX9902S display will support Apple’s CarPlay feature in the same unit. expand full story

BoltWe saw Misfit introduce a unique, luxury version of its Shine fitness and sleep tracking wearable with Swarovski at CES yesterday, and today Misfit is launching Bolt—its first smart bulb. Misfit describes Bolt as “a wirelessly connected color-changing light bulb that lets users personalize their home lighting.” Misfit points out that its Bolt connected light bulbs won’t require a hub and actually integrate with the company’s existing sleep tracking devices (Shine, Flash, Beddit) to gently wake you up with lighting during light sleep. expand full story

CES Stories January 5, 2015

Zenfone Zoom

In addition to announcing the Zenfone 2 at CES today, Asus used the Consumer Electronics Show to unveil its new Zenfone Zoom Android smartphone. Similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Zoom line, Asus claims its Zenfone Zoom is the world’s thinnest smartphone with a 3X optical zoom camera. expand full story

LG G Flex2

After revealing the G Flex 2 name previously through CES banners, LG officially unveiled its next generation curved display Android handset at the Consumer Electronics Show today. The first LG G Flex was met with early reviews characterizing it as an expensive prototype, and we found it hard to recommend especially next to LG’s other smartphones in our own hands-on review. So what does LG have planned for the G Flex 2 as it takes the curve for a second spin? expand full story

Polaroid’s Socialmatic camera packs 14MP & mobile printing in a WiFi-connected Android shooter

Even in the age of Instagram and amazing cameras on our smartphones, the classic concept of shoot-and-print isn’t dead thanks to Polaroid’s Socialmatic camera on display this week at CES. Polaroid’s vintage-style cam is actually modernized with WiFi connectivity and an Android-based system for shooting and sharing with a retro design.

SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0As part of its CES announcements kicking off today, SanDisk revealed its new, faster Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 with micro-USB for use with Android devices as well as PC and Mac computers. expand full story

CES Stories December 30, 2014

HTC DESIRE CESAs we reported yesterday, there are several rumors floating around that HTC intends to announce a new device of some kind at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, an event that’s typically fairly quiet for the Taiwanese corporation. But while many believed that the upcoming device might be the company’s next flagship, codenamed “Hima,” a new teaser image posted to the company’s official Weibo account would suggest otherwise. The image makes direct reference to the company’s “Desire” line of affordable phones.

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CES Stories December 29, 2014

Qualcomm teases a Snapdragon 800 phone to be announced at CES

Qualcomm has come out on Twitter to say that at least one device powered by the Snapdragon 800 series of processors will be launching next week at CES, and has attached an image that doesn’t really tell us much. It looks a bit like the back of an LG phone, considering the top center location of what I assume are the volume and power buttons. Additionally, you can see what looks to be a backplate made of brushed metal, but if this is indeed an LG phone, we all know that it’s not actually going to be brushed metal…

Of course, it’s possible that this isn’t an LG phone at all, with many manufacturers expected to introduce phones. For example, ASUS is expected to be launching some devices, Sony is expected to be showing off some kind of super slim device, and—as for some further reaching rumors—VAIO might also be launching a smartphone. This teased handset could be anything, really, but if we were to take a guess, we would say it’s an LG device based purely off of its physical appearance. With that said, it’s not time for the LG G4 just yet, so it’s likely one of the company’s other lines.

CES Stories December 26, 2014


Kodak has yet to announce a smartphone, but that’s about to change very soon. Announced earlier this week, the company has partnered with Bullit Group to introduce a line of Android-powered devices, somehow aimed at photography enthusiasts (we would hope) and “consumers who want a high-end experience but aren’t always as comfortable using increasingly complicated mobile devices.”

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CES Stories December 22, 2014

ASUS ZenFone being teased in new video leading up to CES 2015

ASUS released the first devices part of the ZenFone line at CES in 2014, introducing some Intel-powered smartphones that had a decent amount of horsepower at a reasonable price. This year it looks like the company is ready to refresh its line of phones, and there’s a new video recently posted on the ASUS Facebook page teasing what one of them might look like.

We can’t see much, but there are a few seconds where we can see the light shine through and get a decent look at the back of the device:

In addition to a quick peek at the back, the video shows off what looks to be a dual-camera set up. While it doesn’t look exactly like what appears to be on the back of the device above, there must be a reason that the company let this little image show up in the video for a fraction of a second:

Sadly, besides these couple of images, we don’t really have much to go off. The rest of the video just sports the tagline “See what others can’t see” spread across the screen, followed by the ASUS logo. If you want to see the video for yourself and come to your own conclusions about what ASUS might have in store for us, head over to the company’s Facebook page.

CES Stories December 19, 2014

Sony posts ‘Welcome to the New World’ CES 2015 teaser, hints at Lollipop and a new thin device (Video)

Sony is definitely going to have some amount of presence at this year’s International CES in Las Vegas, and today they’re giving us a little tease of the things they have to show off. The video makes a bunch of different references, but the most obvious is the beginning cut showing what looks to be the side profile of a new tablet or smartphone. (The fact that the mysterious hand seems to grab the device at the end of the scene suggests that it’s probably not a super-thin TV or other larger device.) Additionally, it looks like the company is finally ready to show off its flavor of Android Lollipop, giving a solid few seconds of the below video to a young girl eating a bright red sucker.

CES Stories January 6, 2014


T-Mobile’s John Legere somehow managed to sneak into a party thrown by arch-rival AT&T for its developers at CES tonight. Though he told Re/code that he was only there to see a performance by Macklemore (riiight), the “un-carrier” CEO—clad in his trademark magenta “T”-shirt (sorry)—was soon escorted from the facility by un-amused security.

Legere has made himself out as AT&T’s biggest fear in recent weeks, mocking his nemesis on Twitter without reservation. AT&T certainly isn’t helping their own case with new attempts to lure away T-Mobile subscribers by offering up to $450 in credit. Legere seems to have another trick up his sleeve, though, and has teased that the fourth phase of his “un-carrier” initiative will be revealed at CES this week.

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Audio specialist Blue promises true hi-fi quality wireless audio by the spring

I take the view that wires are evil: anything that can be wireless should be wireless. My iOS devices sync via wifi, my keyboard and trackpad are Bluetooth, I have Wemo-controlled lighting, Tado-controlled heating and love cloud services.

But there’s one thing in my living-room that still relies on a wire: the connection between Mac and hifi system. I tried a Bluetooth link, and the quality just wasn’t there. I quickly reverted to the 3.5mm cable that runs around the skirting board.

Enter microphone specialist Blue. The company is teasing a true hifi-quality wireless connection between digital devices and headphones (and presumably hifi systems) under the name Mo-Fi.

Where digital music technology has advanced, headphones have lagged behind. We’ve seen dramatic advances in the quality and convenience of digital music, yet headphones –designed specifically to bring us closer to sound— have failed to bridge the gap from hi-fi to mobile. Headphones are the last barrier between us and the audio trapped in our digital devices. What if we liberated our music from overhyped lo-fi to true mobile hi-fi? We can. Blue is offering the first sneak peek at CES 2014.

We’ll bring you more details when we have them.

Left: Pebble Steel. right: original plastic Pebble

Left: Pebble Steel. right: original plastic Pebble

If you like the functionality of the Pebble smartwatch but are less keen on the plastic finish, it looks like you won’t have long to wait for a metal version. We’ve seen a couple of leaks of the Pebble Steel, seemingly the exact same innards as the existing Pebble watch but with a stainless steel casing and Gorilla Glass.

There are said to be two versions, one in brushed stainless steel (shown alongside the original plastic version above) and a matte black one (shown below the fold) …  expand full story

CES Stories January 3, 2014

Photo: Fox
Photo: Fox

AT&T has announced incentives worth up to $450 for T-Mobile customers who switch to their service. The move is being made in response to T-Mobile’s Uncarrier offers, after AT&T recently said that it too expected to move toward separating device and service charges.

Proving the old adage that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, the deal of course comes with strings. First, $250 of that is the maximum you’ll receive in return for trading in your existing T-Mobile handset. To get the full $250, you’ll need a recent handset in good condition – in which case you’d almost certainly get more selling it privately …  expand full story

CES Stories January 2, 2014

youtube-logoOver the last few months, interest 4k TVs, monitors, and content has increased dramatically. YouTube has been streaming content in 4k for a while now, but using Flash. GigaOm is now reporting, however, that at CES next week, YouTube will introduce 4k streaming using its new VP9 codec. This is a new royalty-free codec developer by Google as an alternative to H.265 video codec used by other 4k video implementations.

Back in 2010, Google tried to gain traction with its VP8 codec, but due to tough competition and a lack of hardware support, those plans didn’t exactly pan out. In order to avoid the same issues with VP9, Google has already lined up a large number of hardware partners. At CES, LG, Panasonic and Sony will be demonstrating 4k content with the VP9 codec, while 19 other companies have agreed to support the codec, including ARM, Intel, Broadcom, Marvell, Toshiba, Sharp, and Samsung.

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Samsung is generally one of the best companies to visit at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. The Korean giant arguably puts on some of the best shows and has one of the largest individual display areas for any company in attendance. That’s all well and good, but a new post by the company’s “Samsung Tomorrow” blog is capturing our attention.

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CES Stories December 30, 2013

(via Archos)

(via Archos)

As the clock ticks away to 2014 and with just a few days separating us from the start of CES, a new competitor is throwing its hat into the smartwatch category. Archos, a company that doesn’t quite elicit the same name response as Samsung or Apple will be “unveiling a selection of smartwatches starting at under £50 or $82 US dollars.”

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By all accounts the Consumer Electronics Show kicking off in the next 10 days is looking to be fairly tame. While its true there could be dozens of surprises in store, the hype thus far has been pretty timid and I don’t see many of my colleagues expecting a wild ride as has been the case in years past. That’s not to say CES won’t be filled with exciting announcements of new products by hundreds of companies all converging on Las Vegas for one week in early January.

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CES Stories December 10, 2013


The LG G2 is arguably one of the most underrated but best performing flagship smartphones on the market. Unfortunately, a recent report indicates sales of the device are performing below the expectations of its Korean manufacturer. However, that doesn’t seem to be stopping the company from pursuing a “mini” version of the device with a 4.7″ display.

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CES Stories December 18, 2012

We have been hearing a lot of rumors about Sony’s unannounced “Yuga C6603” smartphone, and today Russian site Mobile-review.com posted images of the 5-inch, Android 4.1.2 powered device. According to the report, which also includes a number of benchmark tests, the Sony Yuga’s packs in a full HD (1,920 x 1,080) 5-inch display with 440 ppi and Sony’s Mobile Bravia Engine. The display also features on-screen buttons running along the bottom. Other specs include 2GBs of RAM, LTE, a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, Adreno 320 graphics, USB Host support, and micro HDMI and microSD for support up to 128GB. This could definitely be an interesting flagship device for Sony in 2013. It’s also sporting a 12 megapixel camera according to the site.

Head over to Mobile-review for more images and benchmarks. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for the device early next month at CES.  expand full story

CES Stories January 10, 2012

YouTube's latest interface that displays video channels upfront versus individual uploads.

The New Yorker’s John Seabrook recently interviewed YouTube’s Global Head of Content Robert Kyncl about the video-sharing service’s future and extensively detailed how YouTube is targeting a $300 billion chunk of the television industry through increased viewership, enhanced content, connected devices, and niche audiences.

Niches, as The New Yorker illustrated, are the future of television. The iconic industry started with just three networks decades ago, and it now features hundreds of cable channels each serving a niche—news, sports, food, weather, music, and more.

“People went from broad to narrow,” said Kyncl to The New Yorker. “And we think they will continue to go that way—spend more and more time in the niches—because now the distribution landscape allows for more narrowness.”

The downside to niches, as Kyncl explained, is cost. Apparently, it is expensive to program niche channels when factoring in various technical costs and the practicality of filling a 24/7 loop. However, with the advent of the Internet, niches are in high-demand, costs are lower than ever, and accessibility is at an all-time high…

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CES Stories January 9, 2012

A busy “Press Day” on the show floor of CES 2012 just wrapped up. Today was busy with announcements from AT&T, Intel, Samsung, Nokia, Panasonic, NVIDIA, Sony, and more. While we only covered the Google-oriented side of things, there was also a lot of news around HDTVs. Samsung unveiled it’s’ rocking 77-inch TV that just looks plain amazing, and Microsoft wrapped up its very last CES keynote ever. However, we are here for the Google news.

We will be on the floor tomorrow, showing you cool gadgets and a few hands-ons of the products announced today.  CES is just kicking off so do not go anywhere! Without further ado, here is a round up of today…

NVIDIA and ASUS jointly announce 7-inch Transformer Prime Ice Cream Sandwich tablet, priced at $249 with Tegra 3 processor

The tablet will be priced at $249 and will have a quad-core Tegra 3 chip inside powering the Kindle Fire competitor. The 7-inch (1280×800) Transformer Prime tablet will also ship with Ice Cream Sandwich. 

Samsung announces Galaxy Tab 7.7 with Verizon 4G LTE at CES 2012.

Samsung just announced the Galaxy Tab 7.7 with Verizon 4G LTE at its 2012 Consumer Electronics Show event. The device’s specifications include a 7.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 3-megapixel rear-camera, 2-megapixel front-camera, 16GB of internal storage, and Android 3.2 with TouchWiz. Information on pricing or availability was not made public yet.

Verizon announces Motorola Droid 4 and Droid Razr MAXX coming within months

As expected, Motorola just announced the 4G Motorola Droid 4, in addition to a purple Droid Razr and the new Droid Razr Maxx. There is not much news when it comes to the Droid 4′s specifications: 4-inch qHD display, 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and a five-row QWERTY keyboard. The device will run Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread with an ICS update coming soon, and it includes 16GB onboard memory expandable to 32GB via microSD. The device will be available “in the coming weeks”.

AT&T unveils early-2012 tablet and smartphone lineup: Xperia ion, Galaxy Note, Skyrocket HD and more

The new Sony Ericsson Xperia ion —the handset maker’s first 4G LTE smartphone seen above— is an AT&T network-exclusive boasting a 12-megapixel camera and a large 4.6-inch display. The 5.3-inch Galaxy Note largely resembles its European counterpart, sans the added support for 4G LTE radio technology.

Fujitsu’s Arrows prototype spotted on CES show floor: Quad-core Tegra 3 and 13.1-megapixel camera

The Arrows prototype, photographed above, packs NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor, an LTE chip, 13.1-megapixel camera with an ISO of 25600, 4.6-inch HD display, and Ice Cream Sandwich. Boy, is she pretty!

Continue after the break:

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Samsung participates in the International Consumer Electronics Show —the world’s largest consumer technology trade show, where the South Korean-based company unveils its latest products and innovations every January over the three-day event.

At last year’s show, Samsung hyped up its Web-connected televisions, and the company did more of the same this year by focusing on the “Smart TV” through a strategy built upon three main categories: “Content,” “Services” and “Connectivity.” Samsung covered all aspects of the Smart TV market from 3D content  to voice-command options at its latest CES press conference held Jan. 9, and it seems Google TV —at this point— is certainly lagging in terms of adequate competition.

Front-facing view of Samsung's ES8000 LED TV.

Samsung ES8000 LED Smart TV

Samsung updated its television lineup with the Samsung ES8000 LED TV. It features a dual core processor, slim bezel and U-shaped stand. The television goes up to 75-inches and displays a more intuitive user-interface with an emphasis on voice interaction, facial recognition, integrated camera controls for multi-video conferencing, and multitasking.

“Let’s say you are watching a movie on Netflix and want to check in on the hockey highlights, just toggle from Netflix to one of my favorite apps, NHL Game center, and come right back to the movie without having to quit the app and launch another app,” said Samsung America President of Consumer Electronics Division Tim Baxter.

The company president said Samsung is “pushing boundaries” with an emphasis on “Smart Content, Smart Interaction and Smart Evolution.” In other words, the new Smart TV can listen, see and act without the use of a remote control.

The Samsung ES8000 LED TV will launch sometime soon.

Samsung's 'Ultimate' OLED TV debut at CES 2012.

More details on Samsung’s CES 2012 press conference are provided after the break.

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CES Stories January 6, 2012

The Android application for “Splashtop Remote Desktop” is free today at the Amazon Appstore —down from its normal price of $4.99.

The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show  and The New York Times heralded the app that essentially lets users access their desktop through Android devices.

“With this app, you can control your home computer from your Android device via Wi-Fi or a 3G/4G connection,” announced the app’s description on Amazon Appstore.

Users can manage their Web browser with plug-ins and bookmarks, as well as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook files. Splashtop Remote Desktop can also stream high-resolution video and audio from a PC or Mac to an Android device…

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CES Stories August 17, 2011

TechnoBuffalo has received exclusive photos of the Tips and Tricks manual that will be paired with the Droid Bionic when it lands in the coming weeks, and it shows us a few new things. The Bionic was rumored to have a 4.5-inch screen, but today’s report from TechnoBuffalo lists the device as having a 4.3-inch — only a subtle change..

Other things to note is that the Bionic will feature Atrix like connectivity, with the ability to be paired to a computer with an optional dock. This feature will give the Bionic features like wireless printing and a Firefox browser on the laptop. The device will also feature a bedside mode alarm clock feature and HDMI-out. The free Zumocast app will also stream media from your computer.

The manual also reveals the device will pack an 8-megapixel shooter with LED Flash and 1080p recording capabilities. To go with the great picture quality, the Bionic will feature three microphones around various parts of the device.

We’re hearing September 8th as the launch date, but in the mean time check out another photo after the break.

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CES Stories July 16, 2011

Verizon has launched a sign-up page for their upcoming Motorola LTE phone, the Droid Bionic. The Bionic was announced at CES in January, but had some flaws that needed ironing out. On the sign-up page Verizon says the phone will be available this summer (which is half over already). We reported August 4th could be the launch date — could this still be the case? Head over to Verizon to sign-up and get updates, or just stick to 9to5Google.

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