Motorola’s website has been the source of various leaks in the last few weeks, and today we have another one. Captured in an image after the break by the @evleaks Twitter account, the website leaked only the name — no image or details are available. The device has also so far slipped by under the radar, with basically nothing being known about it.

The name implies that this version of Motorola’s low-cost handheld will carry a larger display and enhanced speakers to provide for a more “cinematic” experience. Beyond that, an updated processor, more RAM, and a tweaked design should round out the upgrades in this year’s model.

Motorola is hosting a May 13th event in London. The Moto G Cinema may well be unveiled there — the term “cinema” is more widely used in countries like the UK than in the United States. As such, this model may never make it to the US, at least under the “Cinema” brand.

The Moto G is Motorola’s low-cost device for developing nations, though it has made the phone available through the Google Play Store. Starting at $179 for an 8 GB device, the Moto G represents one of the most affordable devices available. It includes various features from the Moto X, though suffers from a poor camera. Could the Moto G Cinema fix the issues of the original, all while keeping the same price?

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