When Google acquired Nest, the company also picked up the talents of the its CEO, former Apple executive Tony Fadell. Getting settled in at Mountain View, the man who once oversaw the development of the iPod is reportedly making moves at the search giant. According to The Information, Fadell is now is now top dog at Google’s hardware division.

Sundar Pichai reportedly shuttered most of Google’s Android hardware initiatives to give Fadell more creative leeway with the company’s future products. Historically, Google hasn’t built a lot of its own products. The company typically leans on partners for its Nexus devices, with Chromebooks and Google TV set-top boxes receiving the same treatment.However, there are a few cases where the search giant has designed its own hardware, like the Chromebook Pixel, Chromecast and Nexus Q.

Although Google doesn’t have a huge inventory of homegrown hardware, Fadell’s leadership is a step in the right direction if the company ever decides to changes its game plan.

Update: Fadell took to Twitter saying that this claim is completely wrong. He reiterated that he runs Nest as a separate business with its own management.

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