Building off its work with the Open Automotive Alliance, Google has just announced Android Auto. This new platform is a retooled version of Android that lets drivers safely use their connected apps and mobile services while on the road. Google says it researched what apps people were looking for while in their car and placed a major focus on navigation, communication and music.

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Completely voice enabled, users connect their device to their car and Android Auto casts the experience directly on the vehicle’s in-dash display. Apps are ran directly from a driver’s phone, opposed to be natively installed on a car. This makes it easier for developers to frequently update their applications, as well as making the Android Auto experience transferrable between compatible cars.

The APIs used in Android Auto are also shared by Android Wear, so developers can easily migrate their applications between different hardware platforms. So far 25 car brands have signed up, with an additional 40 partners joining the initiative. The Android Auto SDK isn’t available just yet, but automakers like Acura, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Honda and Hyundai will have compatible vehicles available sometime later this year.

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