You know what’s better than one music video? Six music videos playing at the same time! Google’s Creative Lab has put together an interactive virtual media box called the Cube that lets users mix up to six simultaneous videos while jamming to a single track. Supported by Chrome and most modern Android devices, would-be DJs can use their mouse or finger to cycle through different video sequences while a song plays in the background.

Google hopes to put this new platform to use with other projects, but first up to bat is Australian electro house duo The Presets, who’ve put together a new interactive music video taking advantage of the tech. Check out this psychedelic trip and see if you can unlock some of its mysteries.

[protected-iframe id=”81063fea0a237bd0cac88507e9f3db79-22427743-12354044″ info=”” width=”720″ height=”720″ frameborder=”0″]

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