Let’s face it, the launch of the OnePlus One has pretty much been a disaster. There’s been horrible marketing gimmickssoftware issues and let’s not forget that you still can’t buy the phone without an invitation. Hopefully OnePlus will resolve the issues surrounding its smartphone before publicly announcing any other projects, because according to @evleaks, the startup is working on a tablet.

Pictured above is an alleged screenshot of the company’s website and while it’s not much to look at, it outs a button for a “OnePlus Tab.” While no other details about the unannounced slate have been discussed, the idea of a OnePlus tablet does make sense. If you’re able to overlook the company’s early blunders, OnePlus managed to produce a solid smartphone with an attractive price tag. The problem is that you’d actually have to get your hands on the phone to know that.

While we’re curious to see what type of hardware a OnePlus tablet would have to offer, we can’t help but cringe at the thought of another horrible marketing campaign. Hopefully the company has learned its lesson, but until we see otherwise, consider us skeptical.

Update: OnePlus has released a statement saying that it’s not releasing a tablet and that the image in question is a fake.

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