Console OS,  a crowdfunded Android-based operating system made by Mobile Media Ventures that is currently seeking backing via Kickstarter. Although the platform is nearing its initial goal of $50,000, today its organizers announced plans to add support for Microsoft’s Surface devices. To do this, the Console OS campaign is adding a stretch goal $75,000 to make this idea a reality.

If successful, Mobile Media Ventures says it will bring a “manufacture grade experience” to all three Surface models. In addition to an extended goal, the firm will be introducing some new incentives to attract investors, however these have yet to be disclosed. While we’re glad to see Android being ported to various types of hardware, we’re curious to see how well Mountain View’s flexible operating system runs on Microsoft’s proprietary platform. If you’re excited about the idea of being able to run Android on a Surface device, check out Mobile Media Ventures’ announcement video below and head on over to it’s Kickstarter page to pledge your support.


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