The ability to flag content on the Google Play Store as inappropriate, a feature long available on Android, has recently hit the Web version as well. The link to do just that can now be found on the web interface under Report within the Additional information section of the content’s description. While the feature is likely targeted toward apps that may violate some policy or have a lower-than-appropriate content rating, it does extend to other media like books, music and TV shows, and music distributed on the Google Play Store as well.

As Android Police notes, following the “flag as inappropriate” link from the additional information panel brings you to a page that lists which types of complaints you are able to file. These issues include problems with trademark infringement, malicious apps, inappropriate music, comments and reviews, or Android app developer replies.

When expanding the app-related categories, the page notes that you can file a complaint via the Google Play Store on your device, which of course has been the standard route for a while, but a link to this help page allowing you to report inappropriate apps is also buried in the description.

The probably process isn’t as straightforward as it could be, but it’s a helpful feature for someone wanting to file a complaint against Google Play-hosted media and a step toward improving the Web interface.


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