Malware Stories May 26, 2017

A set of Android vulnerabilities discovered by security researchers would allow an attacker complete control of a device, when locked and the screen is switched off.

The image above illustrates just one attack vector, clickjacking – where the user thinks they are okaying one thing while invisibly okaying something else. For illustrative purposes, the researchers have made the real action visible behind the overlay, but in real use (seen in the video below) the permission box would be invisible to the user …

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Malware Stories May 24, 2017

PSA: Many major media players vulnerable to attack via malicious subtitles files [Video]

Security researchers have discovered a surprising new way for attackers to gain control of a machine: malicious subtitles. The vulnerability is device-independent, meaning it could be used to gain control of anything from a smartphone to a PC or Mac.

Malware Stories May 4, 2017

Security company G Data says that a new piece of Android malware is discovered every 10 seconds. At this rate, the company is predicting that there will be 3,500,000 new malicious Android files by the end of the year.

The threat level for users with smartphones and tablets with an Android operating system remains high. In all, the G DATA security experts expect around 3.5 million new Android malware apps for 2017.

The company said that the risk was heightened by the fact that only a small minority of users are on the latest version of Android …

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Malware Stories March 2, 2017


While it’s pretty rare that you’ll come across malware on Android, sometimes it slips through the cracks and presents a threat. Recently, though, a security firm made an interesting discovery ─ 132 apps on Google Play had been secretly hiding the capability to infect user devices with malware. Specifically, malware designed for Windows…

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Malware Stories December 21, 2016


When Android hardware is cheap, people usually assume there’s at least one catch. That was the case with the $50 NOOK Tablet from Barnes & Noble which on paper and in practice just seemed too good to be true. Well, that might just be the case…

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Malware Stories November 30, 2016


Revealed today by Check Point Research, there’s seemingly another Android malware campaign in the wild. This one goes by the name of Gooligan, and, according to Check Point, it’s already breached as many as 1 million Google accounts. And this number is still rising by 13,000 accounts on a daily basis.

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