The eBay-owned app RedLaser — available for quite some time now on mobile platforms — has today landed on Google Glass. Using the well-known “OK Glass” voice command, you can use RedLaser to quickly price check products you see on the shelf in front of you. But the app doesn’t stop there, letting you also find products that are physically within your vicinity.

Saying “OK Glass, scan a barcode” will let you do just that, and gives you a screen to appropriately align the barcode on-screen. You’ll be given a screen with the best online and nearby prices, next to an image of the product to confirm that RedLaser found the right one. You can also see related products. Saying “OK Glass, find a product” will give you a voice prompt to search for a product by name. This will do much the same, but will also give you directions if you want to grab the product at a brick-and-mortar store near you.

As written on the app’s Glassware directory listing:

The leading shopping and price comparison app that helps +30 million users to shop smarter is now available on Glass – turning you into the ultimate shopper! With RedLaser for Glass you will be able to easily compare prices of thousands of online and local retailers just by scanning a product’s barcode right from your Glass. Ask Glass to find a product to quickly locate available stores, navigate to a nearby local store or even purchase online by sending yourself an email notification to complete the transaction on any mobile device or PC you own.

You can grab RedLaser for Google Glass for free.

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