According to various reports swirling across the internet, Google is once again limiting the number of devices that users can disassociate with their Play Music accounts. Long time users of the music service can probably remember a time in 2012 when this policy was in place, and for one reason or another, the restriction was lifted. Apparently, now it’s back (via Android Central).

But while this sounds annoying (because, well, it’s a reimposed limit on something that hasn’t been limited), it probably won’t affect most users. You can still associate up to 10 devices with your Play Music account, this limit simply means that you’ll have to be careful about which devices you add because you’ll only be able to remove four in the time period of one year.

For those who have to juggle a large number of devices (such as tech writers), this could potentially cause a few headaches. We’ll let you know if we get word from Google as to why this limit has been brought back — but we’d bet you that it has something to do with those pesky music labels not being a fan of the fact that people were relatively unrestricted from using their accounts across devices that they probably shouldn’t.

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