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Just in case you don’t feel sufficiently self-conscious using Glass, Thalmic Labs has the solution: a $149 armband that allows you to control Glass via hand gestures.

Myo is an an elasticated armband that detects hand gestures via muscle movements and associated electrical signals in your forearm. Developers Thalmic Labs see it as a potential user-interface for everything from computers to drones – and have now successfully interfaced it to Glass, as well as competing headsets Epson’s Moverio and Recon Jet … 


The company claims that the combination of muscle movement sensor, 6-axis motion-detector and electrical activity sensor makes it responsive to even the smallest of finger movements.

The applications shown in the video illustrate potential uses in medicine, construction and logistics (ok, a bike courier), but in all honesty don’t make much of a case for the benefits of hand gestures over touch or voice. The most persuasive argument was use in environments where you’re wearing gloves, rendering touch impractical.

But if you feel like giving it a go, you can pre-order Myo now for delivery from next month. Developers can get their hands on a prototype device for the same price now.

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