Google announced today that it’s launching a Campus startup community hub in Seoul Korea. This will be the tech giant’s first location in Asia, which joins its growing global network of sites like Campus London, Campus Tel Aviv, and the soon to be available Campus Warsaw and Campus Sao Paulo.

Mountain View’s new project in Seoul will provide a space for local entrepreneurs to collaborate with like-minded people, as well as mentors from Google and other established companies.

“Korean innovators and entrepreneurs are some of the best in Asia and Korean startups are making headlines around the world, especially in the mobile space,” said Bridgette Beam, Global Entrepreneurship Manager at Google in a recent blog post. “We want to support this booming community of entrepreneurs. So it’s with great excitement that we announce that Campus is coming to Seoul!”

Google says it hopes to bolster the startup ecosystem in Korea and that it plans on opening its new Seoul location sometime next year.

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