Google office Stories September 9

Google’s next environmental goal after committing to being carbon-free 24/7 worldwide by 2030 is focused on water and replenishing more of it than its offices and data centers use. 

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Google office Stories August 31

Google delays wide-scale October office return to early 2022

Joining a slew of other companies amid the Delta variant of COVID-19, Google today announced that the vast majority of staff won’t have to return to offices until January 10, 2022. 

Google office Stories August 8

Google planning Silicon Valley ‘hardware center’ with shipping warehouse

At the start of 2021, Google opened a new hardware engineering hub in Taiwan that houses Pixel, Nest, and Chromecast teams. Google is now eyeing a so-called “hardware center” in San Jose.

Google office Stories July 28

Sundar Pichai kicked off yesterday’s Alphabet Q2 2021 earnings call by encouraging “everyone to get the vaccine when it’s available to you.” In an internal memo today, the Google CEO announced that vaccinations will be required for employees working at offices.

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Google office Stories May 26

Google gets approval on multi-billion dollar ‘Downtown West’ campus in San Jose

A plan years in the making is finally ready to break ground. In a city council meeting today, Google was given the needed approval to start on its “Downtown West” campus in San Jose, California.

Google office Stories March 31

Last year, for the safety of their workers, Google shifted to work from home, closing their offices across the United States. With the ongoing rollout of vaccines in the US, Google is now looking likely to begin returning to working in-person and in-office.

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Google office Stories March 18

Sundar Pichai today provided the 2021 update on Google’s US investments. The company will spend over $7 billion for new offices and data centers, as well as expansions, across the country.

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Google office Stories January 25

CEO Sundar Pichai on Monday detailed a handful of initiatives to help boost vaccine distribution amid the ongoing pandemic. One physical effort involves offering Google offices as COVID-19 vaccination sites.

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Google office Stories December 13, 2020

Back in March, Google was one of the first companies to have employees work remotely in response to COVID-19. The expected return date has been pushed back several times now, with the latest target being September 2021. At that time, a “flexible workweek” will be tested.

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Google office Stories November 20, 2020

Google purchases new site in Kirkland, outside of Seattle, to ‘support future growth’

Following reports from Business Insider and Bloomberg earlier this month, Google has confirmed the purchase of more land in Kirkland, Washington, as it looks to “support future growth” in the area.

Google office Stories October 9, 2020

For the past several years, Google has been working to build a large San Jose campus. It shared plans for “Downtown West” last October, and it’s now following that with some renders.

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Google office Stories July 1, 2020

At the end of May, Sundar Pichai laid out when Google would begin to reopen their offices. Since then, circumstances in the United States have changed, and Google is delaying their original July 6 date.

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Google office Stories May 26, 2020

Earlier this month, Sundar Pichai laid out how Googlers would slowly return to the office over the course of 2020, but that most employees would continue working from home. A more detailed road map for Google office reopening was provided today, while measures for those working from home were also announced.

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Google office Stories May 8, 2020

Last night, it emerged that most Google employees will be working from home for the rest of the year. While tech companies are well-equipped for remote work, some roles do not translate, and the company is planning to reopen offices with limited capacity. Meanwhile, Googlers will be getting an “official day off” later this month.

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Google office Stories May 7, 2020

For the past few weeks, most Googlers have been working remotely in light of COVID-19. That policy’s end date has been extended several times now — most recently to June 1 — but Sundar Pichai told employees today that Google is likely to continue remote work for the rest of 2020. expand full story

Google office Stories March 5, 2020

From the physical component of I/O 2020 being canceled to making premium Hangouts Meet free for all G Suite users, the impact of COVID-19 on one company alone is wide-ranging. Google this evening told Bay Area employees that they can work from home starting Friday over coronavirus concerns.

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Google office Stories February 26, 2020

Google today is detailing its US office and data center investments for 2020. The company will spend over $10 billion across the country in 11 states.

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Google office Stories February 6, 2020

Google planning three new Canadian offices in Waterloo, Toronto, and Montreal

Canada is a hotbed for artificial intelligence and machine learning research, with Google cultivating that talent in a number of ways. Google today announced three new Canadian offices to account for future growth.

Google is famous for keeping its employees very well-fed with a slew of campus restaurants and snacks. In recent years, Google has been trying to get its employees to eat healthier with a number of clever, subtle food hacks.

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Google office Stories January 29, 2020

In recent days, the global tech industry has been responding to the coronavirus. Google today announced that it’s temporarily shutting down offices in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, while instituting travel restrictions.

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Google office Stories October 11, 2019

For the past several years, Google has been planning a very large campus that would reshape downtown San Jose. The company this week submitted a master plan for what it’s calling “Downtown West.”

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Google office Stories June 18, 2019

The goal of a “circular economy” is to minimize waste and maximize the use of finite resources. Google is now setting out to apply this economic system to its operations, products, and supply chains with the “Circular Google” initiative.

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Google office Stories June 13, 2019

Google expanding Michigan offices and Oklahoma data center

For the second year in a row, Google in February detailed a $13 billion investment in new or expanded U.S. offices and data centers. The company this week made “big moves” related to that effort in Michigan, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Google office Stories June 5, 2019

For 2017, Google was able to purchase enough renewable energy to match its global usage. The company reached that goal again in 2018, thus making it the “first organization of [its] size to achieve 100 percent renewable energy two years running.”

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Google office Stories May 14, 2019

Google opens Safety Engineering Center in Munich to lead global privacy initiatives

Privacy was a tentpole announcement at I/O 2019 from Incognito Mode for Google Maps and Search to federated learning in Gboard. Sundar Pichai today announced the Google Safety Engineering Center (GSEC) in Munich, Germany to lead privacy initiatives around the world.

Google office Stories April 17, 2019

Googler at Mountain View headquarters diagnosed with measles

Since the start of 2019, the CDC has recorded 555 cases of measles in 20 states across the U.S. A Googler in Mountain View was diagnosed earlier this month, with employees last week warned about the infectious disease.

Google office Stories March 27, 2019

Following last year’s HTC acquisition, Taiwan is Google’s largest engineering site in Asia. At a Google for Taiwan event this week, the company announced a new campus and another wave of hires for 2019.

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Google office Stories February 13, 2019

At the start of last year, Google detailed plans for new or expanded offices and data centers in 14 states across the country. Sundar Pichai today announced another U.S. expansion to the tune of $13 billion throughout 2019.

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Google office Stories January 31, 2019

According to Austin American Statesman sources this evening, Google has signed to lease all 35 floors of a forthcoming tower that’s already broken ground in downtown Austin, Texas. It will be located, unsurprisingly, right next door to Google’s existing Austin offices.

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Google office Stories January 22, 2019

In addition to stateside developments in recent months, Google continues to expand its campuses overseas. Sundar Pichai today opened new offices in Berlin for up to 300 Googlers working on AI, Cloud, YouTube, and more.

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Google office Stories January 8, 2019

Over the past few months, Google has been expanding its U.S. presence from a planned community-wide campus revamp in Mountain View to Hudson Square in New York City. That pace is not changing in 2019, with Google announcing a 14-year lease for an office renovation project in Los Angeles.

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Google office Stories December 18, 2018

Google opening new AI lab at Princeton University to foster academic collaboration

Over the past year, Google AI has opened a number of research facilities around the world. The latest will be a lab at Princeton University to foster collaboration with the academic community.

Google office Stories December 17, 2018

Google has announced a huge $1 billion investment to set up a brand new Hudson Square campus in New York. In an official post, there was confirmation that this 1.7 million-square-foot campus will be occupied by 2020. expand full story

Google office Stories December 9, 2018

At the start of the year, Google revealed that in 2018 it would expand both its data center and office presence in the U.S. In recent months, the company purchased Chelsea Market and is reportedly acquiring a 12-story building spanning two blocks also in New York. Back in Mountain View, Google on Friday laid out plans for a massive revamp of North Bayshore.

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Google office Stories November 26, 2018

Over the past year, Google has made a number of large real estate deals to expand its U.S. office presence. The latest last week — involving a $1 billion business park acquisition in Mountain View — is the largest Bay Area purchase of 2018.

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Google office Stories November 7, 2018

Earlier this year, Google purchased Chelsea Market for $2.4 billion to expand its presence in New York City. A new report today pegs another real estate deal in the works that could create office space for 8,500 more Googlers in the Big Apple.

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Google office Stories September 18, 2018

At I/O 2018, Google AI was announced as a company-wide initiative that encompasses Google Research. Following that AI first approach, Google has been opening research centers around the world. The latest in France is now open, amid further expansion into the country.

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Google office Stories July 5, 2018

Australia is one of the few countries that Google typically includes in the first wave of product and service launches. With a new Melbourne location, the company has opened its second office to compliment its headquarters in Sydney.

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Google office Stories March 20, 2018

A report last month revealed that Google was close to purchasing the Chelsea Market building in Midtown Manhattan for more office space. Today, Google confirmed the $2.4 billion purchase of the mixed use space already home to several other companies, shops, and restaurants.

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Google office Stories February 16, 2018

As Google noted during its Q4 2017 earnings call earlier this month, the company is planning on hiring thousands of more people in 2018, which will require office and data center expansion. The company further detailed those U.S. plans today as it breaks ground on its first of several new facilities.

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Google office Stories January 22, 2018

Last year, Google announced a $1 billion initiative to teach the skills needed for new digital jobs in light of automation. Grow with Google is now expanding to France, with the company also launching a new AI research team and bigger offices.

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Google office Stories January 16, 2018

Late last year, we learned that Google is bolstering its Shanghai hardware team tasked with overseeing manufacturing. A new report today reveals that the company has moved into an office in Shenzhen to possibly further expand its hardware capabilities.

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Google office Stories November 17, 2017

Google announces new Tokyo office to double presence in Japan, opening 2019

Google today announced that it plans to double the size of its team in Japan with a new office in Shibuya, Tokyo scheduled to open in 2019.

Google office Stories June 1, 2017

Google’s plans for a new London campus have taken a while to come to fruition, but the company has now submitted a formal planning application for the redesigned building. It will be situated directly opposite Kings Cross station, close to the Eurostar terminus.

Initial plans were filed back in 2013, but the company later decided the design lacked ambition. In 2014, Google asked for an all-new design, and later commissioned the team behind its Mountain View campus to carry out the work …

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Google office Stories February 27, 2017


Update 3/10: The Mountain View City Council approved the Charleston East project earlier this week. Work on the new Google building will begin in April and will approximately take two years.

Back in 2015, Google shared its vision for a radical Mountain View campus that incorporated lightweight, movable structures. The company revised its concept after a roadblock, leading to a more modest building. Last month, the company shared its latest plans, with new images and more details about the tent-like structure.

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Google office Stories July 12, 2016


In March, Google shared its ambitious plan for a futuristic expansion of its Mountain View headquarters. Those plans were derailed in May after LinkedIn won the bid on the valuable real estate required for development. Google and LinkedIn have now announced a “grand bargain” that will allow both to fulfill their campus ambitions.

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Google office Stories March 15, 2016


Google’s expansion plans for its Mountain View HQ have been progressing rather slowly, but the company has now given the go-ahead for local planning officials to release the renders of the structures it hopes to build next to its existing Googleplex head office.

The company originally submitted plans for a combination of one dome-like structure and a second building looking like a giant tent. As BizJournals now reports, the latest version appears to have abandoned the dome in favor of a lower-profile structure designed to blend into the local environment (more images below).

Once the campus is complete, you’ll be able to take a walk through it …

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Google office Stories August 5, 2015



Google has many satellite offices around the world that give it a diverse talent base that may not want, or may not be able, to move to Mountain View to work out of its headquarters. One of those satellite offices is located in the affluent town of Boulder, Colorado, which straddles the Rocky Mountains making it ideal for people who like outdoor activities including hiking and skiing. Earlier this week the company broke ground on a new 330,000 square foot campus to replace its current setup in the town of employees working out of what used to be a Circuit City (remember those?).

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