Earlier this month, Google made a handful of changes to its Forms service, allowing users to choose custom themes and survey designs. The company, this afternoon, is continuing its beefing up of Forms, rolling out a few more ways to customize surveys you create.

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First off, today’s changes allow you to search the menus of Google Forms, much like in Docs and Slides. Simply navigate to the Help tab of the page, and type the feature you are looking for into the box. Next, you can now control how your survey questions appear to other users. You can now have the order of questions randomized for each user and make each user limited to just one response per question.

  • Mix things up by randomizing the order of questions on quizzes or surveys with the new “shuffle questions” option.
  • Make sure you only get one answer per person by turning on the “only allow one response per user” feature in settings.
  • Limit people to one response per column for grid-style questions using the new option under “advanced settings.”

Finally, Google is touting that you can finally create a short URL for surveys directly within Google Forms. You can read Google’s blog post on the update here.

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