Google Forms Stories August 3, 2021

Google Forms is beginning to roll out a highly requested feature that will see entered text, selections, and other progress be automatically saved as a draft. This allows you to easily return to a task or assignment. 

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Google Forms Stories April 1, 2021

Amid distance learning, many educators have turned to using Google Forms for tests, quizzes, and other assignments. Google is soon adding the ability for Forms to automatically save draft progress in case users can’t complete in one sitting.

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Google Forms Stories June 19, 2019

Ahead of next week’s ISTE 2019, Google for Education announced a slew of G Suite updates for schools. Classroom is adding grading rubrics and SIS syncing, while locked mode Quizzes on Chromebooks are launching this August.

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Google Forms Stories July 10, 2017

When creating a survey, users need a tool or service that provides the ability to collect specific types of data. An update coming to Google Forms will soon make the web applet even more compelling for those looking to create their own online surveys…

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Google Forms Stories September 29, 2014

Google Forms adds short URLs, randomized questions, more

Earlier this month, Google made a handful of changes to its Forms service, allowing users to choose custom themes and survey designs. The company, this afternoon, is continuing its beefing up of Forms, rolling out a few more ways to customize surveys you create.

Google Forms Stories September 2, 2014

Google Forms adds custom themes & new survey designs

Google announced today that it’s rolling out the ability to customize themes in its Google Forms web app. It’s also adding a number of new pre-made survey designs to the current selection of templates.

One of your top requests has been the ability to add your own personal touch to forms, and starting today you can with custom themes.

You can customize a theme using a new “Change theme” button in the toolbar (pictured above). From there, you can add your own photos or logos to the header, customize fonts and colors, pick a background, and more.

Google also gave a look at some of the new themes it’s added:

More on adding custom themes in Forms here.

Google Forms Stories June 19, 2013

Google Drive now lets you print Google Forms

Google announced today that its rolling out the ability to print Google Forms created in Drive that will be automatically reformatted to make it easier to fill out on paper:

Say goodbye to the days of trying to create a form or survey in a text document — you can now print your Google Forms with ease. When you print a form, each question is formatted in a way that makes it simple for people to fill in when printed on paper. To try it out, just create a form and press the print button.

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