Much like Apple recently published a guide for switching from an Android to iPhone, Google now has an official webpage for switchers detailing steps users can take to migrate content and data from an iPhone or iPad to an Android device. Google’s Matias Duarte shared the newly published guide which, much like Apple’s guide, offers instructions for transferring photos, music, & contacts, and setting up services like email and messaging.

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In the guide, Google suggests transferring for photos by automatically backing up photos from an iPhone or iPad through the Google+ app. It also offers instructions for transferring contacts from Gmail or iCloud and guides users through turning off iMessage so it doesn’t interfere with messaging on Android:


For apps, however, users will of course have to download apps again through Google Play if available.

It isn’t the first time Google has attempted to court iPhone switchers, but it is a more official attempt compared the guide for switching posted by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt on Google+ last time around.

You can check out the full guide at

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