HTC One Android Lollipop

It was reported last month that the HTC One (M8) and original HTC One (M7) would be receiving an update to Android Lollipop within 90 days of receiving the latest operating system build from Google. Consider that countdown started. HTC this afternoon tweeted that it has received the source code for Lollipop and will be releasing the update three months from today as expected.

The countdown makes for a projected release date of Android Lollipop on HTC One (M7) and HTC One (M8) in early February. The handset maker did not mention Lollipop coming to any other devices, but followed up with a tweet that it will have updates to share soon about the latest Android version for other HTC device owners. The quicker update cycle is part of what the company calls the “HTC Advantage.”

The announcement was tweeted by the official HTC accounts in both the United States and Canada, meaning that Rogers, Bell and Telus customers will get in on the action alongside their AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile friends to the south. HTC One users can expect the Lollipop update to be seeded for unlocked devices first before hitting carrier-locked handsets.

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