Samsung’s mobile revenues may be slowing down a bit and with its two flagship smartphones already available to consumers, the company is rumored to be focusing on its next big release. The mega-electronics manufacturer is reportedly in the process of developing its new Galaxy S6 handset under the codename “Project Zero.”

While such a moniker sounds like something out of a cheesy spy movie, it’s rumored to represent the company’s new direction for its highly popular smartphone line. After years of cranking out plastic devices, Samsung recently started using high-end materials for its mobile gear. Based on the design upgrades applied to the Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha, it’s quite possible that the Galaxy S5’s official successor will feature a metallic frame at the very least.

Samsung typically releases its smaller top-shelf device during the spring and with 2014 ready to come to a close, we can only expect the GS6 rumors to intensify.

(via SamMobile)

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