When a content creator uploads a video to YouTube with music, an automated system called Content ID automatically matches the clip against an extensive database to see if the audio is permitted or infringes copyright. Yet, until now, it was impossible for a YouTube creator to know whether a specific track was allowed or not until after uploading a video.

That process is set to change, however, as Google has announced that, starting today, the YouTube Audio Library can now be searched for both free and ad-supported music. After searching for a song, the Audio Library will automatically determine whether the particular track can be used and if certain restrictions apply in terms of playback and monetization.

YouTube creators can download thousands of songs and sound effects from the Audio Library to use in their videos without restrictions, for free and forever. The change should be a welcomed one for YouTube creators, providing them with more flexibility and peace of mind when choosing to feature a hit new song in one of their videos.

The change should be rolling out today.

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