Google announced today that it’s now officially supporting ODF files in Google Drive allowing users to import all three major ODF file formats. That includes .odt files for documents, .ods for spreadsheets, and .odp for presentations, the file types used by applications like Open Office and others supporting the open platform.

Alongside announcing the new feature, Google noted a few other improvements headed to at least the web version of the Drive apps:

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Not only that, but we’re wrapping up the year with a few more Office-friendly improvements: we support more complex SmartArt from older Powerpoint presentations, and last week’s updates are also now import/export friendly, with support for merged cells in Word and slide numbers in Powerpoint.

Google’s support document here has instructions on importing the new file formats.

Yesterday Google rolled out an updated for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides on Android with a number of new editing features and enhancements.

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